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Hazard Assessment Tool

This form should be used to communicate hazards and required safety measures to field researchers prior to travel. The completed form should be provided to all of the field researchers. A copy of this form should be kept by the PI.

The General Information section provides basic information about the field activities. Contact Information should be completed for all members of the field team. Field Rules and Expectations are set by the principal investigator and should cover conduct and any site specific guidelines. For example: When lodging at the National Park, researchers are expected to not intentionally damage or disturb vegetation, wildlife, or natural formations. Researchers will not collect samples in this location. Field Activities and Itinerary should include the scope of the expected work and a schedule of the trip. For example: Field activities include sampling sand in ten locations (list) along the Chesapeake Bay. The trip will start at 9:00am 2/4 and will conclude by 5:00 pm 2/5. Lodging on 2/4 will be at a reserved campsite in State Park. Check-In Communication Plan should indicate how frequently and how the field team members should check-in with a University contact or principal investigator. Field Equipment and Gear should be a checklist for all required materials that should be taken on the field expedition, indicate if the items are to be supplied by the PI/University or personally by the researcher. For example: Auger (department), Tent (Pl), Sleeping bag (researcher).

If a hazard is identified, appropriate safety measures to control this hazard should be described in the Safety Information section. Use the hazard fact sheets located on our website to help choose safety controls for specific hazards. For example if you select "Animal Encounter-Summary: May encounter black bears." Personal Protective Equipment could include Bear Spray and Other Safety Measures could include Wilderness First Aid Training; No lone work can be conducted in this area.

The Field Activity Hazard Identification section is where all of the potential hazards that may be present during field activities are identified. The summary should include the scope of the hazard with respect to the field activity. For example, if you select "Strenuous physical activity" an appropriate summary could be: Researcher is expected to hike 8-10 miles a day with a 5 0 pound pack and perform sampling activities for 10 days.

If you need assistance in identifying hazards, choosing appropriate safety measures contact:

Office of Research Safety
920 E. 58th St., Suite 145
Chicago, IL. 60637

Environmental Health and Safety
5235 South Harper Court, Suite 1244-18
Chicago, IL. 60615

International Travel Resources
An Initiative of the Provost
5801 S. Ellis, Suite 510
Chicago, IL. 60637

For communication and equipment assistance, contact:
IT Services

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